Coloring a spandex fabric is similar to coloring an elastic band.
Therefore, it is difficult to prevent bleeding phenomenon 100 percent. It is possible,
but the manufacturing cost rises significantly hence the price is often unaffordable to many customers.
We have developed CDP fabric to supplement fluorescent colors which were exceptionally vulnerable to bleeding effect.
Unfortunately the CDP thread only works for fluorescent colors. We are trying our best to find
the method to solve the defect and offer the fabric at a reasonable price.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to do a sample test before making the garment.
Please note that once the fabric has been cut, it cannot be refunded or exchanged.

How to Wash

Rinse the fabric in cold water as soon as possible after they’ve been exposed to chlorine
or salt water.
Wash fabric separately in cold water. Avoid leaving the fabric in water for a long period of time.
It will cause discoloration
Do Not use chlorine bleach to remove stains as it will destroy the fibers
Do Not leave the fabric with other items when wet. It will stain the other item.
Do Not dry the fabric in a dryer or in direct sunlight as the heat may cause fading and discoloration.
Gently pat the fabric to remove water and hang to drip dry or dry flat in the shade

How to Order

CN Textile has both retail and wholesale line.

Please call the head office (02-461-1003~1005),
shop (02-2274-6469) or use the website to place an order.

April to July is the busiest time or the year for CN Textile.
During this period, it may be difficult to contact us by phone.
Please use this website to leave message or to place an order.
We will contact you as soon as we receive the message.

Printing is done 100% on order base. Besides our copyright patterns,
we also print requested patterns.
If there is a desired pattern, please attach the image file
in your online order form or bring in the sample to the shop.
Printings have 50YD minimum order.
(We provide 1YD sample sheet prior to the main order)

Thank you

How to receive the item

  • Parcel delivery/Quick

    Please note that Parcel and quick (motorcycle) delivery are C.O.D (Collect on delivery).
    If you want to pay the shipping fee in advance, please let us know. Items paid before 3PM
    will be shipped the very day to be delivered on the following day.

  • Pick up [shop]

    Orders received before 12PM will be ready at 3:30PM.
    Orders received after 12PM will be ready at 11AM the following day.

  • Pick up [main office]

    Please visit anytime between 08:30~17:30 (Lunch hour: 12:30~13:30)